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Washing Machine, Mexico City, Mexico

Calakmul Building, La Lavadora, Mexico City, Mexico

This building is located in the newest and modern northwest district of the Mexico City, Santa Fe. The building was officially named Calakmul after an important pre-Hispanic Mayan city, one of the largest and most powerful ancient cities of Maya civilization. The complex Calakmul consists of two buildings: high-rise washing machine and the second - pyramidal type building. The Mexicans call the high-rise building "La Lavadora" (Washing machine). Indeed, without doubt the goal of the architect Agustín Hernández Navarro was to create a huge washing machine modern building. This building with its white exterior walls and brilliant mirrored effect windows gives the real purity and freshness to the passers. By the way, the buildings shape of automatic washing machine is not accidental: it is a highly intelligent complex with 100 % automated functions of security systems, telecommunications and utilities.