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Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida, USA

One day the princess said to the king:
- Dear Dad, I have finally made a decision. I'll marry the one who would lead me to the underwater world, so we could enjoy a vast variety of marine life and countless number of sea creatures. I want to begin our joint life in that fairy-tale castle, deeply immersed in the sea, where in the middle of its blueness you'll encounter only the simplicity, freedom and purity of your own consciousness.

Unfortunately, the princess's dream didn't come true, it remained unrealistic and unattainable.

Dear beautiful damsels do not be disappointed, you're sure to find a knight of your dreams, because it turns out that in our time miracles come true and how amazing wonders!

In 1986, 9 meters deep on the ocean floor has opened a peerless underwater hotel "Jules' Undersea Lodge", which was originally an underwater research laboratory. By the way, the hotel is named after one of the founders of science fiction genre, a French author Jules Gabriel Verne ("20,000 Leagues Under the Sea").

By its unique design, independent support systems and all amenities, this landmark claimed the status of one of the most exotic sides of the United States. The hotel floor area is about 56 square meters and, unfortunately, is designed to accommodate up to 6 people. It features two bedrooms and a "common room" that contains a mini kitchen, dining, and entertainment areas which is equipped with VCR/DVD, telephone, intercom, and a marine radio. You can have lunch or dinner in a tiny dining room, of course if you manage to remember about food: after all, the most important things are huge windows through which you can admire the countless sea creatures. The modern windows have diameters of 106cm, and they are thick and strong in order to withstand the water pressure.

Jules' Underwater Lodge is the precise spot where you can arrange the most original wedding celebration among tropical fish, angelfish, anthias, bathfish, butterflyfish etc., including the world's only underwater wedding cake!

So, there is no need to be a professional diver to get into this unique hotel. A simple romantic or just a lover of beauty, enjoy all the memorable moments of this unique opportunity! To order rooms in this funny underwater hotel visit the official website at

By Lilit Khalatyan,