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The Chicken Hotel, Helston, UK

Your pet chicken has a full right to have a rest in the Chicken Hotel (Helston, Cornwall, England) and not to spend all its time in the dirty hen house. The most important thing is that your pet should often go out into green field for eating grass and scratching around in the open air in order to provide ecologically pure and more nutritious eggs. A 31-year-old math teacher, David Roberts, thinks a lot over the problems rising from these domestic birds, such as how to escape the rats and who would look after your chickens when you are away on holiday… Mr. Roberts, also a former cabinet-maker, presented his original decision and crafted the specially-designed four dozen cozy coops with open air en-suite facilities.

Here the chicken is given a good opportunity to get the most important vitamin complex during a walk on a green grassy field, and then to perch in its coop to please host by laying the most delicious "golden" eggs in the world. And as a reward, in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, they are also provided with massage services, special masterful pedicure to your pets to clean, trim and varnish their claws and many-many other services. The problem of chicken transportation also has not remained unsolved: there is a special chicken taxis that transports the birds to and from their rooms.

Hotel for chicken became very much popular, as predicted by its owner, David. All these services together are at a moderate cost: every hotel suite will now cost £5 per night irrespective of the number of guests (6-8 chickens).

If you are interested in the opportunity to organize recreation of your chickens, visit the official website of this funny hotel.

By Lilit Khalatyan,