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Hotel Spirit, Bratislava, Slovakia

Hotel Spirit or Crazy Hotel is situated in a broader center of Bratislava in the neighborhood of Main Railway station. It's considered to be one of the strangest hotels in the world. Unfortunately we have no information about the architect of this crazy building due to whom our little planet got this wonderful little corner.

The hotel attracts with its colourful multi-ton scale. It has become much more than just a place for temporary residence. The earth rainbow after the rain- that is my own impression of this funny hotel as you can find any color you want. This dreamlike hotel makes you feel as if you are a fairy-tale hero. Inside this hotel there are numerous paintings on the walls so your mood will never change to the worst. The owners of Spirit Hotel created all these paintings. Due to its color solution with vanguard architectonic design it's a rarity of Bratislava, and surely one of the most attractive sights.

By Lilit Khalatyan,