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Rezo Gabriadze Tower, Tbilisi, Georgia

After a long reconstruction on November 6, 2011 Revaz (Rezo) Gabriadze reopened his studio-theater celebrating its 30th anniversary (the first puppet theater in Georgia was built in 1981). This was a very special event: an architectural spectacle - premiere, conception of a stone.

Gabriadze presented to the public clock tower height of nearly four-story building next to the theater. Due to impeccable sense of taste Gabriadze designed a unique architectural object that complemented the scenery of old Tbilisi streets.

For four years he has been sitting in the square and watching the stones put together and saw real life in it. The combination of stone and brick saturates tower with warm pinkish hue.

And so, next to a genuine masterpiece of Byzantine basilica, unparalleled Anchiskhati (V century), close to the puppet theater, rises into the sky the tower of exquisite beauty, speaking a language of many world cultures.

Multiple architectural components and parts of Byzantine columns, slightly curved clock face, the roof with living tree and two pomegranate bushes create a magic effect of a fairy tale. And every hour a little door that is under the roof opens, sweet music begins and an angel with golden wings knocks the bell with his small hammer and returns to his house flapping his wings. Once a day, at 12:00, decorated iron curtain of the small theater opens and to Georgian picturesque music begins a small performance starting from just married happy couple and ending to their graves, representing the harmony of incredible inevitable cycle of life.

By Lilit Vanesyan,