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Floating Castle, Odessa, Ukraine

Here is a fantastic "Castle" of your dreams! We have no information about an architect of this unusual house, but think he has a real connection with the aliens. Or, maybe in his early childhood, he was punished a lot by standing on one foot in the corner for some hours. And when he grew up, he decided to put his wrath and his childhood bad memories in his own architectural masterpiece. Well, I'll put aside my suggestions and just add that according to some sources he was inspired by a famous painting, and supposedly this great idea came into his mind.

Aside above suppositions it is believed that this "Castle" is an old bunker for the mineral fertilizers, i.e., it was built for technical purposes. This supported by one single leg and mysteriously levitating house is located 5 km north of Odessa. Although it had already half destroyed, its unusual architecture lures many tourists to the site. The characteristic feature of Ukainian Flying castle is that the building has only one support, which can perfectly bear this ridiculous structure.

Though this flying castle is in poor condition now, it is stands out from the gray mass of ordinary buildings and still attracts many people.

By Lilit Khalatyan,