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Futuroscope, Poitiers, France

Futuroscope ( Fr.Parc du Futuroscope ) is located 330 km from Paris, 10 km north of Poitiers.

Construction started in 1984 under the design of architect Denis Laming. Union of glass, steel and light is a feature of this abstract architecture. Giant pavilions have the most unexpected forms: a huge water drop, a piece of rock, crystal or the form of huge pipes. The Park dedicated to the visual technologies: dynamic, three-dimensional, popular scientific, adventure and just an interesting movie.

The latest movie technologies are on display in the auditoriums of Kinemax, Omnimax, Imax 3D, Le Solido, Magic Carpet, Dynamic movie ... Each of them has its own distinction: you are in the center of spherical screen, or the movie allows you to be in the center of action.

Symbol of Futuroscope is considered to be a white ball on a glass pyramid - Solid. The ball is made in golden section proportions .

Giant pictures on giant screens- that's a characteristic feature of Futuroscope! With its extreme attractions it is a real paradise for movie funs.

Besides, the Futuroscope has a number of scientific and educational IT centers and the Congress Hall for business meetings and videoconferences.

Park also provides services of taverns and restaurants. Overall, about 42 million people have visited the park since it opened in 1987.

Here, the reality magically turns into the virtual world; nature and architecture merge to create a unique gorgeous space. ..

By Lilit Khalatyan,