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Hobbit-Hole Duplex Dug, Atlantic Beach, Florida, USA

The well-known nature phenomenon hurricane leaves exceptionally bad mark and memory everywhere, but in this case nature was found to be miraculous: natural sand dunes that were formed as a result of the hurricane that struck in 60's of XX century, due to a human mind turned into a residential complex. The famous architect William Morgan, educated at Harvard under Walter Gropius and Josep Lluis Sert and trained in the Cambridge office of Paul Rudolph, created this extraordinary property at Atlantic Beach, combining organic and retro-futuristic design. The whole existing landscape, exactly its underground, is used as a place to live- the singularity is expressed in this. The architect didn't build any additional structure on the ground level and use only what nature intended. Eclectic "home Hobbit" has round window-eyes viewing room on the sea horizon. This fabulous structure, formed within natural dunes, is an example of effective use of territory, where nature is closely interwoven with architecture.

By Lilit Khalatyan,