Photo Gallery

Kunsthaus Graz, Austria

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Graz was built in 2003 on the bank of the river Mur. It was designed by architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier in an innovative style known as blob architecture, focusing on the creation of "living" structures similar to a huge drop or bubble. Though it looks like an ameba, it's called "Friendly Alien".

The glass-walled ground floor contains a bar, a function rooms, various communications amenities and moving walkway (called "Pin") leading to the upper exhibition rooms. A magnificent view to the Old Town is opened from the "Needle" - a long glazed gallery linking the old Eiserne Haus (the historic, listed part of the Kunsthaus Graz) and the new Bubble. The main eastern facade of the "Ailen" called BIX is a matrix of 930 fluorescent lamps. This Austrian landmark is known for its constantly changing exhibitions and events relating to contemporary art.

Here past collides with future and creates an extraordinary sense of the modernistic art. At the same time the historical atmosphere of the city isn't broken. At night a luxurious illumination of the art gallery attracts everyone, spreading an unusual sense of warmth and affection.

By Lilit Khalatyan,