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Bubble Tents by Stephane Dumas, France

Maybe all Dumas are necessarily big fans of fantasy and adventure. Alexandre Dumas was master in colorful world of literature, and second Dumas, Stapane, is master in enjoying a colorful world via architecture and design, with its romantic, transparent bubble houses. By the way, if you're in captivity of the romanticism, or simply you have a great desire to look at the stars plunging into the dark abyss of night, the" bubble" houses are really waiting for you. They create prerequisites for a man to be in close relationship with nature.

There are four models of the "Bubble" tents- Crystal Bubble, Bubble Room, Bubble Lodge and Bubble Tree. All of them has modern conveniences including chair, bed, table, lamp and due to their luxury they are equal to many Stars Hotel. These bubble domes are designed for easy set-up on any grounds- on the mountains, on savannas or in the desert. A night's stay in one of these luxurious domes costs you $635.

Your dream comes true after spending a wonderful night in Cristal Bubble. It's a completely transparent unusual space to relax and fully enjoy the magic beauty of the night. The Bubble Room hut is more cocooning version of the Cristal Bubble keeping your intimacy under the stars, because nobody can see you. The Bubble Lodge(Double Bubble) model is a combination of two bubbles and it looks like a villa. It has additional space which can be transformed into a bedroom or a bathroom. And when you are in Bubble Tree, you are plunged into the mighty Jungle, being hung from a tree. The specific feature of the Bubble tents is that they are all snow-white, transparent, calm and quiet. It should also be mentioned that the domes are completely UV rays proof.

So, this genius and perspective concept is destined to show the beauty of the world. Enjoy your most pleasant and unforgettable moments in the Bubbles!

By Lilit Khalatyan,