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Mushroom House, Cincinnati, USA

The Mushroom House or Tree House located in Cincinnati city, Ohio. The construction lasted about 14 years, and finally in 2006, the imagination of the architect Terry Brown became a reality. The building is located at Hyde Park, a prestigious and expensive area of the Cincinnati, on the busy corner of Erie and Tarpis Ave. Terry Brown was a professor of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati. This fabulous building was built with the assistance of his students. The Mushroom House is so large that it is sometimes even called the Tree House. The building image is a mixture between a mushroom, a tree, a human head, a bungalow or a mill. The walls are made of wood, colored glass, seashells, and other organic materials. The framework of the home and the balcony are made of steel. The interior of this extraordinary home is quite cozy. Here you can see the lamps and chandeliers that spill soft and warm light across the interior. The house has many small circular and semicircular windows, reminiscent of the ship cabins windows. It has also a cozy patio. You can be a witness of a magnificent spectacle of the glowing house at sunset. The building looks fresh and interesting in comparison with other conservative mansions of Hyde Park. It served as the architect's secondary residence until his untimely death in 2008. Shortly after, the Terry's 14 year creation was put up for sale for only 525 thousand dollars. Mushroom House is a prominent landmark and symbol of Cincinnati. It's also one of the most original buildings in the world.

By Lilit Khalatyan,