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The Smallest House, London, Great Britain

This house located in 10 Hyde Park Place, Marble Arch, and alleged to be the smallest one in London. Squeezed between two other buildings this house is about one meter wide. It was built in 1805, bombed in 1941 and only ever had one tenant, Mr Lewis Grant Wallace. The building is now occupied by nuns as part of Tyburn Convent, which located the next door. According to one theory it was built between two buildings to block a walkway and at the same time it served as a watch tower overlooking Saint George's graveyard, which in the 1800s was a popular spot for body-snatchers. The ground floor of the house consists nothing more than an alleyway behind the front door and the first floor just a tiny bathroom. Funny house: drop in and go straight to the bathroom and nowhere else!

On the photos you can see how the facade was changed during the last 50 year.

By Lilit Khalatyan,