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The Smallest House, Toronto, Canada

Being the smallest it doesn't mean to be the cheapest, and not everyone can afford buying it with price US $ 180,000. In 2007 this house was bought for US $ 139,000, and after a year was put on the market for US $ 180,000! This tiny and cozy house is located in Toronto and listed in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the smallest houses in the world.

A one-bedroom, one-bathroom house occupies a place that was used to be a driveway. It is situated in a parcel of land 2.2 meters wide and 34.6 meters long and the building area is under 28 square meters. Despite its tiny dimensions this cozy house has all the conveniences peculiar to an ordinary house: a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom with WC, a cellar, a small garden in front of the main entrance and charming patio space out back.

Toronto's little home built in 1912 now has its owner, but if you have a great desire to experience living here, you can rent it with fairly reasonable price.

By Lilit Khalatyan,