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Sandcastle Hotel, Weymouth Beauch, Dorset, Great Britain

This beautiful project seems as unlikely as to build an ice hotel in a desert. A giant sand castle right on the beach! No, it's something crazy, extreme and erratic. But the sea thirsts for swallowing the sand. Indeed, it could not escape its fate. This beautiful handmade hotel stood before the first rain, and then the big waves washed away the entire castle far away.

The Sandcastle Hotel was built on Weymouth beach, Dorset, Britain, 23 July 2008. The idea was owned by LateRooms. The main architect-sculptor of the project Mark Anderson headed a team of 4 sand-sculptors and built the world's first sand castle, working 14 hours a day for seven days. The 50 square meters fantastic hotel was built from 1000 tons of sand and offered a twin and double bedroom with minimal amenities, but the problem of the toilet facilities remained unsolved. To spend a night in this hotel one needed to pay $21. The British travel company developed this project in order to advertise the resort Weymouth beach and promote tourism throughout England, which gave a breathtaking result.

By Lilit Khalatyan,