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Mother Goose House, Hazard, Kentucky, USA

The Mother Goose (a well known tale character) House was built in 1935-1940 in Hazard, Kentucky, by the design of a local resident George Stacy. The Goose was planned as a home, and the Stacy's with his wife Ollie lived there from the time it was completed until a few years back. Inside are three bedrooms, a bath, kitchen, dining room, living room, and a large family room. They and their four children shared the house. The grocery store was added later.

By his wife, Ollie Stacy, one day he came home with the idea in his mind to build a home like a goose. Then he went out to shot a goose which was used to scale the building. The roof of the building is ribbed just like a goose. The head is about 4,5m high. It's a cozy little apartment, built in an oval form to symbolize a nest, with egg shaped windows going around it.

Myra and Logan Sizemore live in the Mother Goose now. They say that people are still fascinated by the Goose, the major landmark of Hazard.

By Lilit Khalatyan,