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Jumbo Stay Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden

Have you ever seen a winged hotel? Yes, it's an unusual hotel inside the plane which does not fly in the sky! If you are fond of airplanes, as well as curious accommodations, Jumbo Stay Hotel is the best place for you. It is a refitted, hotel modernized Boeing-747-200 (built in 1976) landed at Arlanda Airport in Sweden. The idea of aircraft hotel belongs to Swedish entrepreneur Oscar Dios, who already had an experience to manage some hotels in Uppsala (Sweden). It is located very close to Arlanda airport and is far from Stockholm center. Jumbo Stay offers 27 different rooms, all with separate shower and toilet facilities. Rooms are approximately 6 square meters and 3 meters high from floor to ceiling. This unique hotel also offers two luxury suites. The two storey hotel has all modern conveniences including free Internet, air conditioning, TV and reading light, complimentary breakfast, linen bed. There is also a cafe and lounge area in front of the airplane, and all this ensures complete satisfaction of guests. You will like this hotel with its very nice interior in white and quiet colors and reasonable stay prices. You can made reservations visiting the hotel official website.

By Lilit Khalatyan,