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Hotel-Prison Alcatraz, Kaiserslautern, Germany

The name Alcatraz is familiar to most of us as a very famous prison in Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California, where was imprisoned the famous gangster Al Capone. If you want to feel yourself in his role and become present day's "Godfather", there is no need to commit crime: just visit the German hotel-prison Alcatraz in Kaiserslautern. Don't worry, you have a possibility of walking out whenever you want!

At first sight this project seems to be a bit erratic and crazy, but it has fully met expectations of the owners. Of course, ex-prisoners maybe will not want to spend even a day here, but the rest choosing this extraordinary hotel for unusual holidays in search of new adventures.

This modern hotel is a converted prison that offers both cell-style and conventional rooms. It was opened on May 2007 but the former prison dates back to 1867. 56 rooms offer all modern comforts, including free wireless Internet access, cable TV. “Prison” rooms provide a sink and a toilet right in the room. You have a good opportunity to sleep in original prison beds in convict uniform pajamas complete with your embroidered name on it, to have breakfast served through the hatch of the original prison door. All these will give you a real jailhouse feeling. But if you prefer more conventional comforts you may choose the hotel rooms or suites with their own bathroom. The hotel also has a cafe, bar, elevator, bar/pub, laundry service and dry cleaning. It's up to you to decide what you want- "Comfort Rooms", "Suites" or "Cell Rooms".

Though the "jail" concept is a little scary, we must confess that the hotel is very pleasant and attractive especially with its incredibly friendly staff.

For room booking you can visit the hotel official site .

By Lilit Khalatyan,