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One Million Star Hotel, Bad Kissingen, Germany

I'm sure the first thing that will come to your mind is that you have just come across with one of the most expensive and high-standard hotels in the world, for which even the countless stars seem to be insufficient. But it turns out to be the first erroneous impression: it is the simplest and the most primitive hotel, devoid of simple comfort and coziness. And under the "million stars" they mean not the status of the hotel, but the unique opportunity that is available for guests: to get great pleasure from sleeping under the million star night sky, spending an unforgettable stay in an open air.

The owner of this “real estate” is 42-year-old Monika Fritz. This funny hotel is situated in the middle of a wheat field near the resort town of Bad Kissingen, Bavaria. From the architectural view there are no complicated structures in the hotel: it has no walls and ceiling, and the field itself serves as the foundation. The shape of the hotel, as well as individual rooms, has been cut into a wheat field, and then beds have been put in these “rooms”. She also dug holes in the ground for kitchen and toilet needs. Cooking is carried out not by a skillful cook, who can surprise you with unique delicacies, but by a simple servant, who can serve homemade jams and granola, fresh fruit, as well as a variety of German breads.

The cost to breathe fresh air and smell of hay, and also enjoy stunning view of a million stars is about 3-7 euro per day. Million Star Hotel opens only till August 15 before the corn is harvested. Also take into account, that one need to book a room in advance as there are a great number of people who want to have a rest in this strange hotel.

By Lilit Khalatyan,