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Roter Sand Lighthouse, Bremerhaven, Germany

Sometimes we need to leave away from civilization, from work or everyday problems, go out for peaceful and solitary place and feel like Robinson Crusoe! Be sure, that the lighthouse-hotel Roter Sand (translated from German - “Red Sand”) is exactly what you need.

The well-known technical marvel of 1885 today accepts its visitors. After all, it was the first ever structure built on the sea floor at a depth of 22 meters! In November 2010 the lighthouse celebrated its 125th anniversary.

Our good old chap is located in the North Sea, 30 miles away from the coast of Bremerhaven (Lower Saxony, Germany). This lighthouse with its traditional colors in combination of red and white stripes has been accepting and accompanying sailors and emigrants more than 80 years. But in 1964 the lighthouse was abandoned, after which the base of the tower was damaged and then it was decommissioned. Only in 1987 it was decided to repair and restore the lighthouse and the German Foundation for Monument Protection (DSD) was engaged in all the restoration works, including restoration of the basement foundation and the interior.

In 1999 the first tourist group had the opportunity to admire the beauty of Roter Sand, whichs also started to be used as a hotel.

Earlier the lighthouse keepers were hauled up to the lighthouse in a large basket, but now, there is a step-bridge which is more secure and convenient. The hotel can accommodate up to 6 people and comprises one communal bedroom, a combined kitchen, living area and a bathroom.

By the way, the menu consists of drinking water, some fresh products and canned goods. There is also a ban on alcohol in the lighthouse due to the 70 well-worn steps unless you do not want to get stuck in halfway between the living room and toilet. Here you are both the vacationer and the chef cook as you have to do cooking yourself.

Despite the fact that the Lighthouse hotel is not able to surprise you with its comfort and coziness, because there is no electricity, no heating, and a guest must supply their own sleeping bags and towels, however, all the tickets are reserved before the beginning of the season. And this is in the case when one overnight stay at Roter Sand Hotel runs around € 80 euro.

As a result, the loneliest hotel Roter Sand accepts about six thousand tourists every year and over a thousand overnight guests to harken to the sound of ocean waves and the cries of gulls.

By Lilit Khalatyan,