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Stone (Age) House, Fafe Mountain, Portugal

Probably it's hard to find a second home that so harmoniously fit, or rather "embodied" in the nature. This made between four large boulders house was built in 1974 as a family's rural retreat, but in recent years it has attracted the attention of tourists and architecture enthusiasts alike for being so perfectly integrated into its natural surroundings. Interest in the stone house has grown to the point that the owner, Vitor Rodrigues, has had to move to find solace from the curious visitors. Because of the recent interest generated by the house and its remote location, Casa do Penedo has been the subject of robbery attempts and vandalism in recent years. Now, the house is equipped with bullet-proof windows and a steel door. Inside, however, the home is said to be quite cozy, with stone furniture, stairs, and wood made railings.